A Message From Our CEO/CIO, Gordon J. Fyfe, Reflecting on Recent Events and BCI’s Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion

June 8, 2020

Recent events south of the border – and most recently in Canada and elsewhere – have reinforced the importance of the Diversity & Inclusion initiative BCI has undertaken over the last two years and highlight the need for ongoing unconscious bias training and awareness. While in our business, bias and prejudice do not lead to death, they do lead to curtailed dreams, ambitions, careers, and opportunities. They lead to frustration and a sense of helplessness and defeat. They also rob our organization of the full potential of powerful minds only because they are wrapped in a person who does not look, speak, believe, or love the way the majority does.

BCI has the responsibility to manage the pension assets for over 600,000 plan members in British Columbia. That is our legislated mandate. We are not fulfilling this responsibility to the best of our combined abilities if even one good idea is ignored because of the differences in the person sharing it. At the end of every day at BCI, every one of us must be proud that we gave our very best and that it was openly and fully received by the whole organization. No one should ever be left behind because they are different. And if they are, if we allow that at BCI, none of us will get as far in this life as we could.