Providing World-Class Investment Services for Our Clients

BCI exists to serve our clients. Our mandate is simple: we are responsible for generating investment returns that help our public sector clients build a financially secure future, while also protecting the value of their funds.

We are driven by long-term considerations. As our clients have obligations that extend beyond 70 years, we invest in quality assets and stable companies with the potential to appreciate in value and provide reliable cash flows in the years to come. We invest globally across a range of strategies and asset classes – public and private equity, infrastructure and renewable resources, fixed income and private debt, as well as real estate equity and real estate debt through our independently operated platform company QuadReal Property Group – and leverage the scale of assets under management to our clients’ advantage.

With a global outlook, we seek investment opportunities that will meet our clients’ risk and return requirements over time. As part of the prudent investment management of our clients’ funds, we aim to mitigate the long-term risks that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters present. It begins with the integration of ESG considerations into our investment analysis, decisions, and processes in a consistent manner across the corporation.

Our Business and Investment Model

Our clients have long-term liabilities, and our investments provide the returns that secure their future payments and obligations. Investing is an intrinsically dynamic activity. As the capital markets evolve, we adapt alongside them. Our business and investment model refocuses us to be an active, in-house asset manager with sophisticated strategies, so we can continue to succeed within an increasingly complex investment environment. Our team of skilled investment professionals, operating within a robust culture of investment risk management, collaborate across various disciplines for the benefit of our clients.

Private Markets

Our clients’ long-term investment horizons and predictable liquidity needs allow them to benefit from investments in asset classes that are illiquid and longer-term in nature, such as private credit, infrastructure and renewable resources, private equity, real estate equity and debt. Where possible, we prefer direct investments which allow us to reduce fees, gain significant ownership stakes and governance rights, and exert our influence to drive long-term value creation and improvements in ESG practices.

Public Markets

Our diversified public market program combines index and active management strategies. We develop strategies and structure portfolios that capture and capitalize on opportunities within the global markets. Our fixed income portfolio allows clients to invest in global government bonds, investment-grade corporate securities, and real return bonds.