Advocating for the Long-Term

As a global investor, we rely on well-functioning and fair capital markets. The integrity of the market is a shared responsibility between market participants, like BCI, as well as governments and regulators.

As a significant investor, we recognize our responsibility to contribute to the overall stability of the financial system. Our activities are aimed at addressing systemic risks, with the expectation that our efforts will lead to greater stability and integrity within the markets.

We advocate for legal and regulatory changes that make responsible investing principles part of the regulatory framework and improve the investment environment for our clients. We work with like-minded investors and organizations to draw attention to legal aspects which we believe should be enhanced; and we encourage policy makers from every corner of the globe to place more emphasis on corporate governance and shareholder accountability.

Advocacy is Part of Our Commitment

We are a founding member of the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI), a United-Nations supported initiative to develop and promote best practices in the area of responsible investing. PRI provides a set of principles for institutional investors to consider as they integrate environmental, social, and governance factors into their investment processes and analysis, ownership activities, and interactions with other long-term investors. We have pragmatically applied this set of principles to our advocacy work.

Our PRI Involvement

Strength in Numbers

By joining forces with pension funds, asset managers, and organizations, we strengthen our voice, effectively deploy our resources, and influence decisions. We actively support and contribute to initiatives that focus on governance practices, enhance transparency and disclosure of environmental, social, and governance matters, and advocate for long-term thinking within the investment industry.

Our Collaborations