An Inclusive Culture That Empowers Our People to Excel

To best serve our clients, BCI must reflect the markets in which we work and invest. Our people are our most important asset, and we want to foster an environment that empowers our employees to excel, recognizing the commonalities, and leveraging our differences. We must be able to respectfully challenge perspectives and express opinions. An equitable and inclusive environment allows employees to have a strong sense of trust, confidence, and belonging.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion at BCI

Diversity is a

The traits, characteristics, and dimensions that make us unique. Some are visible, most are not. It makes us who we are.

Equity is a

Removing systemic barriers and biases to ensure processes and programs are impartial, fair, and address individual needs.

Inclusion is an

A culture, team, and environment where all people feel valued, respected, and supported. Skills, talents, ideas, and voices are leveraged. Inclusion is intentional.

Belonging is an

A reaction that comes from feeling connected to one another. People are committed to each other, have a common purpose, and strong sense of community.

Engagement is the

People feel passionate about their jobs. They are committed to delivering their best work, service excellence, creating high-performing teams, and innovation. They give discretionary effort.

Our Guiding Principles

Our equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) initiatives and programs are framed and anchored by the following principles:

Diversity makes us who we are

It is the visible and invisible traits, characteristics, and dimensions that make us unique.

Equity is about fairness

It is respecting and valuing our differences and actively identifying and removing barriers so that everyone has the same opportunity to flourish.

Inclusion is intentional

It is an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and supported, where skills and talents are recognized and leveraged, and where ideas and voices are heard.

We are all connected to one another

We are committed to each other and have a common purpose and sense of community.

We are committed to delivering our best work

We feel passionate about our work and do our best every day in support of a high performing team.

Our Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Council

Established in 2018, our council includes employees from different departments, varying backgrounds, and a range of seniority. Our council supports the implementation of our EDI strategy, which was developed in partnership with our executive leadership and human resources.

Our Strategy

We aim to intentionally build diversity and promote an inclusive BCI culture within BCI by:

Creating Intentionality and Accountability

We will measure our performance, ensure consistency in our approach, and ensure commitment of senior leadership.

Our Action Collect and monitor self-identification data on BCI’s workforce and its intersectionality.

Fostering Engagement, Performance, and Innovation Through Inclusion

We will develop a more inclusive team and organizational culture.

Our Action Tailor learning and training programs for employee levels addressing mindsets, habits, and behaviours that may support an inclusive culture.

Accelerate Internal Talent

We will focus on broadening opportunities for career development, strengthen staff retention, and open promotion pathways.

Our Action Examine internal talent processes, policies, and practices to identify opportunities to decrease bias and increase flexibility.

Attracting Top Talent

We will strengthen our employee value proposition and address potential bias in our recruitment process.
Our Action Train hiring managers on recognizing bias in selection, interviewing, and recruitment of talent.

Leveraging Our Influence as an Active Investor

We believe that the boards and executive management of our portfolio companies have a role to play in promoting and fostering equity, diversity, and inclusion, including disclosure, setting goals and timelines, and reporting against them. Our expectations are outlined in our Proxy Voting Guidelines.

BCI has chaired the 30% Club Canada Investor Group since 2017. We call on companies to take prompt and considered action to achieve and exceed the 30 per cent gender diversity target and to engage the presence of other underrepresented groups including, but not limited to, Black, Indigenous, other visible minorities, members of the LGBTQ2S+ community, and persons with disabilities on their boards and executive management teams.