We use our learnings across all environmental, social, and governance (ESG) activities, as well as our understanding of emerging trends, to generate and communicate insights that help us continuously adapt and improve our strategies, processes, and approaches.

Creating a Culture of ESG

To foster a culture of ESG at BCI, we will expand our communications beyond existing reporting frameworks. We also plan to develop a focused internal ESG education and training program encompassing a range of initiatives such as:

  • Communication and training for investment staff on best practices for ESG integration and others that are relevant to their particular asset class/sector
  • Including ESG considerations into orientation and development of new board members
  • Collaborating with client groups to engage with subject matter experts on material ESG topics
  • Improving how we leverage our partners to learn from their experiences and expertise internally
  • Improving how we disseminate ESG-related information across BCI and our client groups