We integrate ESG analysis and risk management in all investment processes, from supporting clients’ asset allocation decisions to individual investment decisions within our portfolios – this ensures that all relevant financial and ESG matters are understood and factored into each new investment decision.

Case Study: Climate Change Analysis Integration

BCI uses climate change scenario analysis to identify macro-economic climate-related risks and opportunities that have the potential to impact our clients’ investment returns. At the asset class level, the assessment of climate change risk is evaluated, as appropriate, based on the nature of the investment.During the pre-investment analysis and post-investment management of our clients’ assets, BCI:


  • Integrates climate change indicators, based on the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) framework, into internally managed, active public equity mandates.
  • Includes climate change risks in the evaluation of corporate bond issuances and private credit transactions.
  • Encourages credit rating agencies to incorporate climate analysis into their processes.
  • Commissions and reviews reporting on legal, environmental, regulatory, and other climate factors when assessing and evaluating the investment potential of directly-held private market assets.