BCI’s ESG Principles

BCI’s ESG principles, informed by the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) elaborate on what we do to put our ESG beliefs into action. Together, they create consistency across asset classes and act as a cross-portfolio compass that guides all aspects of our ESG strategy.

We have established a set of seven principles to guide our approach.


The investment objectives of our clients are always at the forefront of our ESG activities.



We apply consistent principles across the corporation while adapting our approaches to what is best for each asset type.



We manage ESG risks and seek opportunities across all time horizons, while focusing on those ESG matters that are most material to our clients’ portfolios and individual investments.



We use our position as a universal owner to engage with companies, partners, and policymakers in aligning interests with long-term investors and to advance responsible investing globally.



We collaborate with like-minded investors and organizations on ESG matters where our objectives are aligned.



We act with the same level of integrity and transparency that we expect from our partners and invested companies.



We adapt our ESG strategy and approaches and continuously improve based on our experiences and evolving responsible investing standards.