Beliefs are Important to Our Success

Our investment beliefs provide a clear and transparent structure for how we work to achieve our clients’ investment goals. Our investment beliefs influence our views on capital markets, our investment processes, the creation of investment strategies, and our overall approach to managing our clients’ funds.

Our beliefs guide our team and business. Putting these beliefs into practice is key to delivering results.

Having a Strategic Investment Discipline is Key

  • Capital markets have varying degrees of efficiency and are impacted by long-term themes and sector/industry trends.
  • Investor behaviour affects capital markets and short-term asset prices; over the long term, asset values are driven by earnings.
  • Managing risk is critical to achieving our objectives.
  • Asset mix is the main determinant of portfolio risk and return; it is reasonable for investors to expect higher long-term returns for holding risky assets or asset classes.
  • Successful investment managers capitalize on their competitive advantages.
  • Foreign currency exposure provides important diversification benefits.

Environmental, Social, and Governance Matters Make a Difference

  • Taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) matters into account enables investors to better understand, manage and mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities associated with long-term investments.
  • Companies that employ robust ESG practices are better positioned to generate long-term value for investors than similar companies with less favourable practices.
  • Improving the sustainability and integrity of global capital markets creates favourable economic conditions that benefit investors over the long term.

Skill Matters

  • Skills are the foundation for successful long-term investment returns.

Integrity Counts

  • Our continued success depends on using our best judgment and making ethical decisions that are aligned with our core values of integrity, accountability, team cohesiveness and transparency.