BCI Appoints Jennifer Coulson as Global Head of ESG

March 1, 2023

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jennifer Coulson as our first global head of ESG. This newly created role reflects our corporate-wide commitment to sustainable investing and will further strengthen oversight and integration of our ESG and climate-related ambitions.

As global head, Jennifer is responsible for all ESG strategies and programs at the total portfolio level. She will continue to evolve our approach in line with the fast-changing ESG landscape and lead our work supporting the global goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

“BCI continues to look to the future to meet our clients’ long-term financial goals. Appointing a global head of ESG allows us to expand our ability to manage risks and capture opportunities,” says Gordon J. Fyfe, BCI’s chief executive officer and chief investment officer. “Since joining BCI in 2012, Jennifer has built a world-class public markets ESG team focused on active ownership and laid the foundation for our corporate-wide ESG governance structures and strategies. I look forward to her continued leadership at BCI.”

As a long-term investor, BCI continues to expand its ESG strategies as well as increase capacity across all teams. This centralized ESG leadership role will increase consistency and coordination across the corporation, while allowing for ESG professionals to be embedded across their respective business, allowing flexibility for tailored approaches within each asset class.

“BCI has actively considered ESG and climate change for more than two decades. As we grow our global presence and our ESG talent, having a unified ESG approach is increasingly important,” says Jennifer Coulson, newly appointed senior managing director & global head, ESG. “There is a tremendous opportunity to build on our leading ESG practices and work across teams to create value in our portfolio and for our clients.”

Jennifer holds a degree in environment and resource management from Western University and a masters in environmental studies from York University. She has received the corporate director designation (ICD.D) from the Institute of Corporate Directors; chairs the 30% Club Canada investor group; serves on the Government of Canada’s Sustainable Finance Action Council; sits on the investment advisory committee for the University of Victoria Student Investment Fund; and is a board member for the SDI Asset Owner Platform. Jennifer has been recognized as one of British Columbia’s most influential women in finance by BC Business Magazine.

Learn more about BCI’s approach to ESG and climate action at BCI.ca/ESG