BCI Releases Corporate-Wide ESG Strategy

July 10, 2020

Victoria, British Columbia – Today, British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) publicly released our ESG Strategy – detailing our integrated and comprehensive approach to environmental, governance, and social (ESG) matters.

“Our updated ESG Strategy marks the culmination of a collaborative effort across the corporation and builds upon BCI’s long-standing commitment to ESG,” said Jennifer Coulson, BCI vice president, ESG, public markets.

“It strengthens our approach to mitigating the long-term risks and opportunities that ESG matters present as part of the prudent investment management of our clients’ funds.”

The ESG Strategy describes our ESG beliefs, principles, and governance, and how our overall investment strategies take ESG factors into account across the corporation.

Our strategy consists of four key components: Integrate, Influence, Invest, and Insight. We integrate ESG analysis and risk management in all investment processes; influence through engagement and advocacy; actively seek opportunities to invest in ESG themed investments; and use our learnings to generate insights so we can adapt our strategies and approaches.

Together, these four components represent all ESG activities taking place at BCI and help ensure our approach is consistent across asset classes, grounded in common principles, and addresses issues most material to our clients’ investments. Importantly, it reflects the belief that BCI shares with our clients that ESG matters make a difference.

Read BCI’s ESG Strategy.