BCI Updates Code of Ethics & Professional Conduct

November 16, 2021

Today, BCI published our updated Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct (the “Code”), which sets out the guiding principles and standards of behaviour expected of BCI employees and contractors.

“The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is central to who we are and what we do. Our continued success in delivering results for our clients —and our ability to maintain our clients’ trust — depends on our collective adherence to the Code.” — Gordon J. Fyfe, chief executive officer / chief investment officer of BCI

BCI is dedicated to having a high standard of conduct that is consistent with best practices. To maintain this, every three years BCI’s Board of Directors is responsible for reviewing reports on the adequacy and effectiveness of the Code. This year, the Board approved several updates, including the addition of “We Value Diversity and Inclusion” to our guiding principles.

For more information, please contact communication@bci.ca.