BCI’s Flexible Work Environment is Key to Being Named One of Canada’s Top 100 Employers

November 18, 2022

Victoria, British Columbia – BCI is proud to be named as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for the fourth consecutive year for offering employee programs that promote a flexible work environment.

“I‘m very excited that BCI has once again been recognized as a top Canadian employer,” said Norine Hale, BCI’s executive vice president, human resources, “I’m also very proud of what receiving this award says about our programs, people-focused culture, and how much we strive to support our employees.”

Maintaining a supportive work environment that prioritizes physical, mental, and social well-being was more important than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is an honour to be continuously recognized as a top employer over this challenging period.

For BCI to deliver on our strategic commitments we require a highly sought after, specialized workforce. Focusing on our talent and creating programs that are meaningful to employees has been crucial to building and retaining a world-class team of investment and technical professionals. As one of Canada’s largest institutional investors with $211.1 billion in assets under management, BCI’s teams in Victoria, Vancouver, New York – and soon to come London, U.K. – work to generate the returns that our clients in British Columbia’s public sector rely on.

Coming out of the pandemic, BCI implemented a thoughtful, people-centric approach to ensure a smooth transition back to the office. A working committee, along with employee feedback, developed and led a multi-phased return to office program that allowed teams to make the necessary arrangements professionally and personally to return to office-based work after nearly two years working remotely. Hybrid working arrangements with three days onsite and the option to work two days remotely was the final phase of the program. The move to hybrid work was a success and BCI has adopted an indefinite hybrid work environment.

“We have such incredibly smart, dedicated, and passionate people working here. As the leader of BCI’s human resources program, I believe if you want to attract and retain employees, you have to show you are truly listening to them and delivering the supports they require to excel in our organization.”

Our performance-based culture fosters a healthy balance between professional and personal time. At BCI, the starting annual vacation allowance is four weeks and increases at long service intervals. Additionally, each year employees have six paid personal days.

BCI has generous maternity and parental leave with top-up payments for parents (to 85 per cent of salary for up to 52 weeks). Upon completion of a parental leave, parents have the option to utilize a phased-in return to work to support a successful transition.

“While disruptive, the pandemic provided opportunities to further modernize our work environment and employee programs. More than ever, we know career and personal supports are not one size fits all and BCI’s programs provide flexible options that empower employees to make choices that best suit their professional development, as well as health and wellness needs,” said Hale.

Mediacorp Canada Inc. operate Canada’s Top 100 Employers – the nation’s largest publisher of employment periodicals, reaching over 15 million Canadians each year. The award recipients were announced today in a special feature published in The Globe and Mail and on the Canada’s Top 100 Employers website.

This is the fourth time that BCI has applied for selection as one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers. Applicants are evaluated by the editors using eight criteria[1] and are compared to other organizations in their field to identify those that lead their industries in offering the most forward-thinking programs and exceptional workplace cultures.

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Olga Petrycki, Director, External Stakeholder Engagement

778-410-7310 | media@bci.ca