Adam Johal
Business Solutions Engineer

Adam Johal - Business Solutions Engineer

Originally from Penticton, British Columbia (BC), Adam initially moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria where he studied health information science. After working in Vancouver in the IT healthcare space, he received job opportunities in Victoria, so him and his girlfriend (now wife) moved back to the island. Adam enjoys the restaurants, ocean, outdoor activities, and the small-town vibe of Victoria.

What is one project that you’re most passionate about and why?
I’ve been very fortunate to work on many key corporate initiatives and projects at BCI, but the project I am most passionate about at the moment is a system that we’re building from the ground up – once launched, it will allow BCI to trade new products for our clients. It’s been a joint effort between many teams across BCI, including public markets, internal controls, compliance, and investment operations. This initiative will help drive returns for our clients, and I am very proud to be a part of it.
What are you learning at the moment that you’re inspired by?
I am currently learning about repurchase agreements – one of the products that will be traded using the new system. Part of my role is to help determine how information needs to flow throughout the corporation, as different groups help bring the trades to fruition. I’m looking to understand this process, so that the system will perform as it should for all stakeholders in the corporation. Learning about this aspect of business is challenging and makes coming into work exciting!
What are you looking forward to learning more about in the future?
I look forward to learning more about BCI’s public and private asset classes and how Technology can help them drive stronger returns for our clients. This could be through introducing new technology, improving existing systems, or automating processes.
How does your team (or, a team that you are working closely with) strive to be world-class?
Our team strives to deliver technology solutions that best meet the needs of teams at BCI and, subsequently, our clients. Knowing that the work we do can have a direct impact on our clients’ investment objectives introduces an incredible amount of focus to our team and helps drive cross-team collaboration throughout the corporation.
What attracted you to BCI originally? What would you recommend to others who would like to work with us?
What attracted me to BCI was the opportunity to work for a corporation with a global footprint that is primarily focused on generating returns for British Columbian pensioners. Having grown up in BC, knowing I can have an impact on the life of fellow British Columbians is incredibility motivating.
For those looking to work at BCI, know that we are always looking to bring on team members that can provide a unique perspective. Whether your background is in technology, finance, investing, or a different field altogether, I’d recommend applying if there’s a job that interests you. We strive to build teams that can help us solve complex business problems and having teams with diverse backgrounds and skill sets helps drive this.
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