Bhagyasri Velpula
Technology Solution Architect

Bhagyasri Velpula - Technology Solution Architect

Bhagyasri has been a “proud BCI’er” for almost a year and a half year. Born in India, she moved to Vancouver (where she now calls home) to go to Simon Fraser University for her master’s degree in data science and analytics. Before moving to Canada, she worked for various clients designing and developing business intelligence and analytics solutions. Her bachelor’s degree is in computing science, which she completed in India.

What is one project that you’re most passionate about and why?
I love working with data and colors. Last year at BCI, we started working on interactive visualizations and reporting projects, which I am super excited and fascinated about. With the technology changes that regularly occur in this space, there is always something to learn that we can bring into these projects. One such project supports our Infrastructure & Renewable Resources team, where we visually show the asset and portfolio related reporting. This is a big shift, moving from manual/traditional excel reporting to more automated and advanced visual capabilities.
What are you learning at the moment that you’re inspired by?
While growing up, I always wanted to be an artist, play with colors, and tell stories with my pictures. But I ended up being a post graduate in data science and analytics. Now I am trying to combine both visual and analytics, and learning to be better at this art. If you’re unfamiliar with visual analytics, it is the process of transforming data into meaningful visualizations and conveying the stories found within the data for analytical reasoning.
What are you looking forward to learning more about in the future?
I have experience working in retail, health, and security sectors, but investment management was completely new to me when I first started here. Coming from a technology background and working with a diverse group of individuals at BCI, I have a lot to learn about our business from every asset class I work with. I believe that this helps me to better apply my studies & research on the everyday projects.
How does your team (or, a team that you are working closely with) strive to be world-class?

For me, being world class is constantly being on top of the technology game and implementing the best of the best for BCI. With the ever-changing technology landscape, I think I am very fortunate to be a part of a workplace which welcomes these changes and prepares us to adapt to this. Whether migrating to cloud or implementing advanced analytics/visualization capabilities, we constantly strive to be more efficient each day in building and supporting technology solutions to our business.

What attracted you to BCI originally? What would you recommend to others who would like to work with us?
Well there are three things: Firstly, the work BCI does, and the impact we have on British Columbia (BC). Secondly, the people – right from my interaction with HR, to my interview and lunch with the hiring team, it was totally a great experience. Thirdly, the location – BC is one of the most beautiful places to live.
I am always delighted and proud when I speak about BCI to other people. For me this is a place that constantly challenges me to learn and grow both professionally and personally. A positive and healthy workplace where the employees feel empowered to bring in new ideas and new ways of doing things. I often tell people that they would see me retiring here.
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