Gargi Bougie
Business Solutions Engineer

Gargi Bougie - Business Solutions Engineer

Gargi has been with working at BCI for just over a year. Originally from Nelson in British Columbia’s mountainous interior, she moved to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria where she studied computer science. Gargi moved to Montreal for a consulting role, before returning to Victoria a few years ago to be closer to family. She said that Victoria is just the right size for her, with all the comforts of a small city and easy access to nature, but plenty of interesting restaurants, coffee shops, arts and theatre events.

What is one project that you’re most passionate about and why?
One of BCI’s current corporate priorities is implementing a new investment management platform (IMP). As part of this project, I was working on the data warehouse and analyzing how the system was performing as we moved toward go live. The warehouse is a critical component of servicing internal and external reporting and requires bringing together and reconciling many different factors. At the end of the day, the data doesn’t lie, so we know when we’ve done something wrong and what challenges we need to mitigate in order to get it right. The information in the data warehouse will reach, in some way, most functions of the organization. So, getting it right is crucial and very rewarding.
What are you learning at the moment that you’re inspired by?
What am I not learning?! Being a part of BCI means constantly digesting new information and putting it to use, so my work day is never dull. With my work on the data warehouse, I’ve been focused on learning the most effective tweaks to keep our consumers from waiting around for their data.
What are you looking forward to learning more about in the future?
Having recently transitioned into my role as Business Solutions Engineer, I’m now in a more business-facing role. One of my first projects will be the creation of a new portal to improve the flow of information and distribution of materials to our clients. I’m looking forward to diving into our client needs so we can develop a suitable solution. My master’s research focused on human computer interaction so I’m excited to brush off those skills in this context.
How does your team (or, a team that you are working closely with) strive to be world-class?
The teams I work with daily maintain a calm determination to do the right thing at every turn and there is an incentive and example set by leadership to do so. We may have deadlines to meet, technical setbacks, or unforeseen circumstances that happen at times, but I can honestly say I have never seen these circumstances navigated as professionally as I have experienced at BCI.
What attracted you to BCI originally? What would you recommend to others who would like to work with us?
I first heard about BCI through friends who are local IT contractors. BCI has a reputation for being an exciting and enjoyable place to work where individuals are competitively compensated. The IMP program seemed like just the type of challenge I was looking for at the point in my career when the opportunity arose. I would recommend looking at their postings!
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