Karen Maynes

Karen Maynes - <div>Retired</div><div>Appointee from the College Pension Board of Trustees</div>

Appointee from the College Pension Board of Trustees

Now retired, Karen was the vice-president, finance and administration at Douglas College. She was nominated by the post-secondary employers’ association and appointed to the College Pension Board of Trustees in 2005 by the provincial government. Karen is the past chair of the provincial senior finance and administration officers committee, and past post-secondary sector representative of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of BC Government Organizations’ Accounting & Auditing Forum. She has also served on numerous Douglas College and provincial committees dealing with issues such as technology planning, faculty negotiations and data definitions and standards. Karen received her chartered accountant designation in 1987.

Karen is the chair of the Audit Committee and co-chair of the Project Oversight Committee. She was first appointed as a director on September 18, 2014. Her current term is scheduled to end on August 31, 2022.