A Place to Thrive

With a global mindset, yet a local goal, our diverse teams collaborate each day on common ground: we are here to ensure over half a million British Columbians – people you know: retired teachers, firefighters, and city workers – as well as beneficiaries of government trusts and insurance funds, have financially secure futures.


Equity Statement

At BCI, we value diversity and believe in fostering an inclusive culture where all employees can be successful.

We are performance and client focused and value integrity; if you share these values, we want to know you.

We recognize that some skills can be learned on the job and encourage all to apply.

If you require an accommodation for the recruitment process (including alternate formats of materials, accessible meeting rooms or other accommodations), please contact us.

We would like to hear from you!



Health and dental benefits, plus a BCI funded health spending account


Onsite (Victoria and New York) or local (Vancouver) gym facilities


Take two days off per year to contribute to the community


Defined benefit (DB) pension plan


20 vacation days per year

Parental Leave

Salary top-up for up to one year

Flexible Work

Work one day per week from home plus an option to work from anywhere for up to one month each year

Self-Identification Survey for Job Applicants

BCI is committed to reflecting the global and diverse markets in which we work and invest. To support our intentions, we are collecting self-identification data to understand and assess our talent pool and ensure that our talent acquisition strategies provide equitable access to career opportunities at BCI. Your participation is voluntary.

If you require additional information, please review our frequently asked questions below, or email our Human Resources team at HR@BCI.ca

What is BCI’s self-identification survey?

The self-identification survey is a confidential collection of demographic information such as gender, gender identity, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, etc.

Why is BCI collecting demographic information?

The survey is a key element of BCI’s Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Strategy, and will support our understanding of the applicant pool we attract. This information will not be attached to your applicant profile and will have no bearing on the outcome of your application for any position at BCI. This data will be analyzed by BCI in aggregate and will help to identify the strengths and areas of improvement in our recruitment practices.

Who is included in the survey?

All applicants are included and encouraged to participate in this voluntary survey.

Is my participation in the survey required?

Participation is encouraged, but entirely voluntary. Your participation (or decision to not participate) will not impact your candidacy for any positions at BCI. Because responses are collected through our third-party vendor, Diversio, we will not have any insight into whether you have chosen to participate, or not. Each individual question in the survey is optional, with a “prefer not to answer” option available. This way you can choose whatever information you would like to share.

How will my privacy be protected?

We takes your privacy seriously. All data gathered in the survey will be kept confidential and everyone’s privacy will be protected throughout the entire process (i.e., data collection, storage, access, analysis, and reporting). Diversio, our third-party vendor, with extensive expertise in diversity and inclusion, will collect the information, perform the aggregation and analysis of the data, and provide reports to BCI. Individual records will not be available to BCI, only aggregated data will be reported, ensuring the personal privacy of each applicant remains protected.

Who will have access to my responses?

Only aggregated data from the survey will be available to our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Employee Experience and the People Analytics & Workforce Planning teams within our Human Resources department. The data is collected through our third-party vendor, Diversio; BCI (including our hiring managers and recruitment advisors) will not have access to your survey responses.

How long will the survey take to complete?

It should take under two minutes to complete the survey.