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Room to Grow

Prepare to be challenged, but also to learn and grow in turn. At BCI, we recognize employee’s results with our performance management program, incentivising staff to meet goals that contribute to our strategic objectives. We also encourage development with opportunities to attend onsite and external training programs, and industry conferences; we support employees who are pursuing professional designations relevant to their positions; and for our people managers, we provide a custom-built management program.

An Inclusive Team, A Positive Culture

BCI lives and breathes a culture of excellence. Each employee has different ideas and strengths, and together we deliver a high standard. As a global investor with a drive to be world class, it’s our competitive edge. BCI has a singular mission, yet we know that the path to achieving our ambitious goals is through collaboration. Our incentive plans are designed to reward performance, while our comprehensive benefits and our health and wellness programs reflect our commitment to helping you enjoy a successful career and a balanced life.

A City Long on Amenities, Short on Commutes

We call Victoria home. It’s a place that holds significance for us, as it’s the capital of British Columbia – the province where our public sector clients build their lives. We’ve operated here since we opened our doors.

Victoria is a city of contradictions – and we mean that in the best way possible. It’s big enough that it has any amenity you could need, but small enough that the word “commute” will no longer be in your vocabulary. And while it’s the base of our work in a fast-paced industry, outside the office we unwind in a less-hurried, west coast setting. Here, you’re never too far from where you want to go – whether that’s natural gems, or the hustle and bustle of larger metropolitan hubs like Vancouver or Seattle, both just 100 km away. You get to enjoy the best of both worlds.

An Award-Winning Workplace, By Design

BCI has earned a Fitwel 3 Star Rating by the Center for Active Design, making BCI Canada’s first workplace to achieve a three-out-of-three-star rating. Fitwel is the world’s leading certification system that optimizes buildings to support employee health. Our outdoor spaces, fitness facilities, accessibility to public transport, bicycle parking, shower amenities, and common break-out areas contributed to BCI’s certification. BCI is proud to be part of the movement in Building Health for All.

FITWEL & Design is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS). Participation by The Center for Active Design and/or any other organization does not imply endorsement by HHS. Outside the United States, the FITWEL service marks are owned by the Center for Active Design, Inc.

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