Our commitment to our clients is the bedrock of our culture. You can see this reflected in all of our actions.

Our Values

Clients First

We put clients at the forefront of all decisions and ahead of individual interests — understanding that when our clients are successful, we’re successful.

Performance Focused

We collaboratively deliver on our clients’ goals, drive and support high performance, and rise to the occasion — we never settle.

World Class

We benchmark ourselves against the best — we constantly seek to improve.


We are accountable for our actions and decisions — we own our outcomes.


We share relevant and timely information — it builds common understanding and leads to better results.


We do what we say we will and mean what we say — we act ethically, support diversity, and consistently live BCI’s values.

Our Values In Action

Our values are more than just words. They are a collection of every employee’s lived experience. They are the glue that unites us, the principles that guide our corporation’s actions, the expectations we have of one another, and they ultimately define BCI and our culture.

  • Clients First

    “Since I joined BCI, I’ve been very impressed with the relationship management team and their focus on client satisfaction. Most of our clients have been with us for a very long time, but that hasn’t led to complacency. During the roll out of a new investment strategy, I was invited to attend multiple client meetings to explain our approach and answer any questions – making sure our clients are comfortable what with what we're looking to do is a fundamental part of our approach.” – David Dobell, Vice President, Partnership Portfolio

  • Performance Focused

    “It’s about having a sense of agency. The notion that we can shape our outcomes; that we own our destiny. For example, we will do a lot of work – a tremendous amount – before making an investment. We want to buy quality assets at good prices. But after we make an investment, we don’t put tools down and just wait to see how the story pans out. We actively engage with the management teams of our companies, through their Boards and otherwise, constantly seeking opportunities to improve returns and asset health, to deliver on our investment thesis and continuously renew it. There is no final destination; we are constantly on a journey of continuous improvement.” – Zaman Velji, Senior Portfolio Manager

  • World Class

    “Going on a six-month exchange to Australian Superannuation gave me invaluable exposure to another world-class corporation and allowed me to bring key learnings on how they manage risk back to BCI. It’s easy to get caught in one way of thinking so this opportunity allowed me to take a step back. All in all, I think it’s staying humble enough to admit that we might not know it all that allows us to truly live the world class value.” – Markus Reuhkala, Manager, Public Markets Risk Management

  • Accountability

    “Accountability is about owning our outcomes. As the leader of my team, I strive to lead by example. I take responsibility for my decisions and actions. When I make a mistake, I share my learnings so that we can all learn from it. If I am not comfortable doing this, neither will my team and this will deprive us all of learning opportunities. Being world class means that we should continue to evolve and grow – this is only possible if we are accountable for our actions and see our mistakes as opportunities to learn and grow.” – Bandhna Mamak, Senior Director, Trade Management

  • Transparency

    “We produce reports for our clients, and they sometimes reach out with questions about certain elements. If my team can’t answer their query, we reach out to the applicable subject matter expert, and then we respond with an accurate and timely answer. When I think about transparency, it really is about building strong relationships with our clients and colleagues across BCI so that this process is robust and seamless.” – Casey Hall, Manager, Client Reporting

  • Integrity

    “Integrity is about doing the right thing – it's about being equitable and honest. From a diversity perspective, unconscious bias can play a part in whether everyone is treated fairly or not. We’ve introduced unconscious bias training for all staff members to ensure we’re all on the same playing field. It’s important that everyone is empowered to share their thoughts and perspectives, so that conversations and decisions are strengthened – benefitting individuals, teams, and ultimately, our clients.” – Patricia Bood, Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs & General Counsel.

Our People = Our Culture

With our values as our anchor, it’s our people that help shape employee-focused initiatives and who create the environment we work in each day – all of which further strengthens our culture.