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We seek those who embrace change, explore opportunities with curiosity, who take initiative, and thrive in a team and performance-focused environment.

A BCI employee working at a standing desk, looking at an array of six computer monitors.
Investment Professionals

It’s the clients first mindset that propels BCI’s high-performing investment professionals forward in delivering results for our clients. A deep interest in the industry, a long-term focus, and a dedication to navigating the ever-changing global landscape – this combination is what defines their contributions. Read more


About Our Investment Teams

Our investment teams include: infrastructure and renewable resources, private equity, and public markets. Made up of a multitude of professionals from analysts, portfolio administrators, through to portfolio managers and traders, they’re focused on generating returns for our clients. Conducting research, trading securities, engaging with the businesses in which we’re invested and connecting with contacts across the world to seek investment opportunities – it’s all in a day’s work for these professionals. Read less


Three BCI employees sitting in a relaxed workspace, facing another employee who is making a presentation.
Technology Professionals

Innovators, initiators and solution seeking specialists not only continue to revolutionize the technology space at BCI, they build and implement systems that empower their colleagues to thrive. Taking a holistic and strategic approach to their work, they have a long-term focus. Read more


About Our Tech Team

Our tech team enables BCI to function within the dynamic investment industry. The 100-plus strong team (and growing) act as strategic, proactive partners, providing us with modern technology that supports our investment processes and all other business activities. Read less


Two women seated beside each other at a table and working collaboratively, one typing on a laptop, the other taking notes with a pen and notepad.
Operational Professionals

Experts in their field and collaborative in their approach, these professionals form the foundation of BCI. Constantly evolving their work to align with industry standards and internal expectations, they are an invaluable source of knowledge and expertise. Read more


About Our Operational Teams

Made up of administration, communication, executive assistants, finance, human resources, internal audit, investment operations, legal, and workplace services professionals, our in-house operational teams deliver vital services and strategic advice across BCI. Read less


Two BCI employees, one holding a mug of coffee, sitting at a counter in the lunchroom having a conversation.
Investment Strategy & Risk Professionals

Invested in our clients’ success, their technical expertise and tenacity for keeping abreast of the investment risks and opportunities, is what identifies these professionals as trusted advisors for both BCI and our clients. They’re constantly developing a holistic understanding of the current landscape, so that we’re in a position to continuously adapt and evolve our approach. Read more


About Our Investment Strategy & Risk Team

Playing a key role in our long-term investment strategy, this team guides our clients, management teams, and asset classes in making investment decisions. They identify and manage investment risk, provide economic outlooks, evaluate broad risks to the economy and financial markets, and make recommendations on new investment strategies. Read less


Four BCI employees seated in upholstered armchairs facing each other, with a coffee table in the middle, having a conversation.
Relationship Management Professionals

Approachable, knowledgeable, and with a focus on establishing and maintaining productive client relationships, our relationship management team is constantly evolving their understanding of our clients’ needs so that BCI can deliver in line with their expectations. Read more


About Our Relationship Management Team

This team acts as the bridge between BCI and our clients – advocating for and representing their interests. With a clients-first conviction, they conduct client meetings, deliver education sessions, ensure client satisfaction and retention, and bring BCI resources to our clients to assist with their investment strategy and objective decisions. Read less


Five students from BCI’s Co-Op and Internship Program converse animatedly in a lobby.
Students & Interns

Demonstrating an eagerness to learn and deliver value to BCI and our clients, our students and interns are team-orientated, with a drive to grow and excel. They’re curious and resourceful, using their work term as an opportunity to explore and shape their career. Read more


About Our Students & Interns

Each year we welcome nearly 100 students from across Canada, all studying various disciplines such as: business, communication, computer science, economics, engineering, finance, law, and math.

We provide students and interns with the opportunity to contribute and make a real impact on day-to-day initiatives, network and learn from world-class investment and business professionals, and get an up-close look at how one of the largest institutional investors in Canada operates. Read less


How To Apply

We are always on the look-out for talented individuals to join our team. Check out our job board for open opportunities.
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