Investing to Ensure Our Clients’ Long-Term Financial Security

Our clients have obligations that extend beyond 70 years. As their investment manager, we are responsible for ensuring that they can meet their long-term funding needs to pay pensions, both today and tomorrow, and finance the insurance and benefit funds within British Columbia. Our commitment to our clients underpins everything we do. BCI invests in quality assets and stable companies with the potential to appreciate in value and provide reliable cash flows in the years to come. Our outlook, strategies, and approach are driven by longer term considerations.

We report the annualized pension returns and cumulative value added for our combined pension plan clients. This reflects the investments of BCI’s six largest pension clients, namely: BC Hydro Pension Plan; College Pension Plan; Municipal Pension Plan; Public Service Pension Plan; Teachers’ Pension Plan; and WorkSafeBC Pension Plan. BCI discloses our performance on an annual basis following the end of each fiscal year. Our most recent annual report was for the year ended March 31, 2019.

Annualized Pension Returns (%)
Returns for the periods ended March 31, 2019

For the periods ended March 31, 2019

Value-add is the additional return in dollars BCI generated for clients in excess of client benchmarks through active investment, after all costs and fees.

Our Portfolio

BCI invests globally in all major asset classes: fixed income; commercial mortgages; public and private equity; real estate; infrastructure; and renewable resources. Investments are diversified by region and investment style, and guided by our clients’ tolerance for risk.

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Pooled Funds

Like a mutual fund, a pooled fund combines our clients’ contributions and invests in securities and other assets. We manage a range of portfolios with investment strategies that cover all major asset classes. Our investment products are designed with a medium to long-term investment horizon in mind and we favour investments that can be held for long periods.