A Safe and Liquid Investment Opportunity

BCI accesses debt markets to support the investment objectives of our clients, providing for broader portfolio diversification and an improved risk-adjusted investment profile.

Our medium-term debt program provides a safe and liquid investment opportunity.

We are emphasizing Canadian dollar issuance to align with the denomination of our liquid assets and promote a consistent issuer footprint.

Term debt issued by Canadian public sector asset managers qualifies for inclusion in prominent bond indices such as: FTSE Canada Universe; Bloomberg Canada Aggregate; ICE BofA Canada Broad Market; Morningstar Canada Core.

Credit Ratings


Standard & Poor's


Our credit profile is supported by

Significant and diversified AUM

C$215.0 billion of net assets as at March 31, 2023, including substantial high-quality liquid assets

Our stable client base

BCI’s assets under management are provided by British Columbia’s public sector, including pension plans, insurance funds and special-purpose funds

Our independence from government

BCI is a public sector entity with investment independence established under British Columbia’s Public Sector Pension Plans Act

Our clear issuance structure

Debt obligations are directly backed by our investment assets

Our asset manager role

BCI has no pension or insurance liabilities

Robust risk management

Supported by independent third-party validation to ensure best practices

Combined Funds Financial Statements

Our combined funds financial statements, representing the assets under management that are directly backing our debt program, as at December 31, 2022.