Technology Influencing a World of Investments

TECHtonics with BCI is a video podcast series that showcases the powerful but often hidden nature of technology as it operates beneath the surface of all that is done at a corporation like BCI. Each episode features our host, a technology expert, and a business specialist in a discussion that reveals how technology is increasingly integral to the operations and business of portfolio management at one of Canada’s largest investment managers.

TECHtonics with BCI
Modernizing Legal Document Management
Episode 6: Jonny Trirogoff & Laurie van Adrichem

In our sixth episode of TECHtonics with BCI, Jonny Trirogoff, software engineer II, and Laurie van Adrichem, senior business analyst, department operations, discuss collaborating to modernize our legal document management system and create cohesiveness across BCI’s global offices. By leveraging digital technology, teams at BCI are offering cloud-based solutions to complex challenges.

Run time: 12:04
TECHtonics with BCI
Automation to Free Human Intellect
Episode 5: Kenwyn Warner & Rachel Cripps

Our fifth episode of TECHtonics with BCI features Kenwyn Warner, director, application delivery & operations, and Rachel Cripps, senior manager, portfolio administration, discussing the innovative world of automation to improve efficiencies, speed, and accuracy across investment management. By partnering with automation, teams at BCI are enhancing and elevating their workplace experience.

Run time: 17:18
TECHtonics with BCI
Generating Alpha With Technology
Episode 4: Konstantin Zadymov & Leon He

Our fourth episode of TECHtonics with BCI features Konstantin Zadymov, director, enterprise architecture, and Leon He, director, quantitative equity, as they examine the application potential and the skepticism surrounding advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and natural language processing (NLP). Throughout this episode, they remind us that these technologies are only machines and that humans ultimately determine their influence.

Run time: 13:13
TECHtonics with BCI
Data & Analytics
Episode 3: Phoenix Majumder & Nelson Huen

Our third TECHtonics with BCI episode features Phoenix Majumder, director, data & analytics, and Nelson Huen, senior director, finance operations, as they discuss the burgeoning world of data and analytics. Find out how vast amounts of data alone are not useful without refinement. With tools and techniques such as AI, machine learning, and data engineering, our technology experts transform raw data into insights that empower business leaders at BCI to meet business objectives.

Run time: 20:39
TECHtonics with BCI
Digital Workplace
Episode 2: Elsie Chin & Ned DeBeck

Our second TECHtonics with BCI episode features Elsie Chin, vice president, technology operations, and Ned DeBeck, manager, strategic planning & projects, as they walk us through the digital workplace at BCI. Find out what exactly it is, how it is providing flexibility that employees need, and what is driving innovation and digital transformation at BCI. In this discussion, we are reminded that new technology needs a lot of adaptation from the users and that one size does not fit everyone.

Run time: 18:00