About BCI

British Columbia Investment Management Corporation (BCI) is amongst the largest institutional investors in Canada with $233.0 billion in gross assets under management, as of March 31, 2023. Based in Victoria, British Columbia, with offices in Vancouver, New York City, and London, U.K., BCI manages a portfolio of diversified public and private market investments on behalf of its 32 British Columbia public sector clients.

With a global outlook, BCI integrates ESG factors in all investment decisions and activities that convert savings into productive capital to meet clients’ risk and return requirements over time. Founded in 1999, BCI is a statutory corporation created by the Public Sector Pension Plans Act.

Our Clients

Clients are at the core of everything we do. We invest globally on behalf of British Columbia’s public sector clients, which includes 11 public sector pension plans, three insurance funds, and various special purpose funds. Over 725,000 pension plan beneficiaries and 2.5 million British Columbian workers depend on our clients’ returns; ensuring their continued financial security is very important to us.

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BCI is governed by a seven-member board, six of whom are representative of our clients. The Board appoints the CEO/CIO, oversees BCI’s operations, and ensures proper reporting and accountability to clients. Our Board verifies that the strategic direction of BCI is appropriate and that we pursue the correct initiatives to realize our vision in a financially responsible and prudent way.

Our activities are guided by our clients’ investment framework and policies, as well as applicable legislation and regulations.