Clients First

We invest globally on behalf of British Columbia’s public sector clients. They are the core of everything we do, as recognized by our first of six corporate values, Clients First.

BCI’s investment returns finance pensions paid to retirees (many of whom reside within British Columbia), provide stability for the insurance premiums charged to employers and auto owners/drivers, and support many provincial government programs, including those that focus on arts and culture, sports development, skills training and skills development, and sustainable economic development.

2022-2023 Snapshot


public sector pension plans make up 78.0 per cent or $167.8 billion of AUM, benefitting over 725,000 pension plan beneficiaries.


insurance funds make up 19.8 per cent or $42.4 billion of AUM, supporting millions of British Columbians.


special purpose funds make up 2.2 per cent or $4.8 billion of AUM, financing government programs in arts, sports, skills training, economic development, to name a few.

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A Diverse Client Base

Our clients are diverse, with varying investment objectives, risk appetite, investment beliefs and with the majority having portfolios ranging from $10 million to over $60 billion managed by BCI. We focus on understanding each clients’ investment needs, determine the appropriate investment strategies, and then execute on those strategies to ensure our clients’ goals are met.

Hear From Our Clients

Pension Funds

As our largest client group, pension funds account for 78.0 per cent (or $167.8 billion) of assets under management.

Our objective is to capitalize on our well-constructed, diversified portfolio to create value — aiming to meet or exceed clients’ return objectives without taking on unnecessary risk. Returns are important — for every $100 a pension plan member receives in retirement benefits, on average, $75 is provided by BCI’s investment activities.

Insurance Funds

Insurance funds account for 19.8 per cent (or $42.4 billion) of assets under management. Our purpose is to help ensure the long-term financial sustainability of these funds while generating additional income by exceeding benchmark returns. BCI’s ability to deliver required investment returns helps our clients provide stability in the insurance premiums charged to employers and auto owners/drivers.

Special Purpose Funds

Special purpose funds include public trusts, endowments, and government bodies that have funds and investments requiring professional management. They represent 2.2 per cent (or $4.8 billion) of assets under management.

Our Client Education Initiatives

Meeting clients’ needs extends beyond putting their funds to work. Our team works closely with trustees and other client representatives to expand their understanding of investments and capital markets. We offer various knowledge-building opportunities, including orientation sessions, webcasts, investment insight visits to BCI’s portfolio companies, multi-day investment literacy sessions, and an annual Investor Day.

Our Investment Management Services

We invest in line with our clients’ investment frameworks and policies, as well as applicable legislation and regulations. BCI is accountable to clients for fund performance, net of all operating costs.

Our clients are not mandated to use BCI and have voluntarily chosen us as their investment manager.