Governance and Oversight

BCI is committed to maintaining world-class standards of governance. Good governance is critical to delivering long-term value for our clients and is key to our continued success and commitment to our clients, their best financial interests, and delivering on our financial promise.

Our corporation operates under a dual accountability model as set out in the Public Sector Pension Plans Act. We are responsible to our clients and the BCI Board. Clients establish their investment policies and management frameworks, and determine the diversification of the portfolio and the eligible investments. The Chief Investment Officer is accountable to each client for their investment returns and the management of their funds.

Board of Directors

We have a seven-member Board of Directors. Our Board is structured in accordance with the Public Sector Pension Plans Act. Our four largest pension plan clients each appoint a representative to our Board. The other three are appointed by the Minister of Finance – two of which must be representative of our clients. The third Minister of Finance appointee is the Chair of the Board, who does not have to be a representative of our clients. All directors are appointed to a three-year term – this term is renewable.

Business Plan

The Public Sector Pension Plans Act requires the Board of Directors to prepare and submit a business plan to the Honourable Minister of Finance on an annual basis. The plan is prepared with the input of the Board, BCI’s management, and clients.

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

We are committed to acting in our clients’ best financial interests. Our success and the continued trust of our clients depend on our collective adherence to BCI’s Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Everyone at BCI is required to live the values and standards outlined in the Code.

Confidential Reporting

BCI complies with the highest level of governance standards, and we stand by our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. We believe it is important to allow for suspected violations to our code to be reported anonymously to help us further safeguard our stakeholders’ confidence and protect our reputation.

BCI’s confidential reporting to provide the ability to report ethical or other issues through a third-party vendor, ClearView, that can be accessed through any of the following channels:

PHONE 1.844.800.1789 Toll-free CAN/US

Confidential reporting through ClearView complements our current anonymous reporting practices, as outlined in our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.


Northern Trust

BCI’s custodian, Northern Trust, is responsible for safeguarding our publicly traded investment assets.



BCI appointed KPMG to audit the financial statement of the corporation and the pooled investment portfolios.  KPMG also conducts the Service Organization Controls 1 (SOC “1”) audit.

Trade Matching Statement

In accordance with National Instrument 24-101, our Trade Matching Statement is available for reference.