Where We Are Going

BCI’s F2022–2024 Business Plan is focused on partnering with our clients to secure financial futures in a changing world. Created with input from our clients, the plan is built on four strategic ambitions:



Strengthening The Client Value Proposition

As our clients’ trusted advisor, we are committed to continuously improving client engagement and consultation. We aim to further engage with our clients, build trust, and deepen our partnerships so we can address their evolving needs.


Optimizing Risk-Adjusted Returns

We are focused on maximizing value for our clients by generating the highest risk-adjusted net returns possible. We’ll achieve this by capitalizing on our well-constructed, diversified portfolio.


Leveraging Digital Technology

As the pace of change and disruption continues to accelerate across markets and industries, we need to be highly agile to continue navigating both opportunities and challenges on behalf of clients. This agility must be underpinned by data and technology that enables us to be efficient and effective in both our operations and our investment decision-making.


Focusing On Our Talent

Investment management is a knowledge-intensive business, and our people are our most important asset. To continue to drive our competitive advantage and retain specialized skills, we are focused on strengthening our world-class approach to talent. By building greater cross-organizational collaboration leveraging diversity, and fostering inclusion, we can improve our decision making and, ultimately, maximize returns for our clients.

"Partnering with clients to secure financial futures in a changing world."

Where We Have Been

Over six years, BCI transformed into an active, in-house asset manager. With an increasingly changing investment landscape, our transformation was essential for us to continue meeting our clients’ long-term return requirements.

Our transformation was built around three pillars:

We expanded and diversified our investment strategies. We partnered with our clients to diversify their asset mixes, increased their exposure to private markets, and reduced their reliance on public markets, which are subject to greater volatility.

We internalized asset management through decreasing our dependence on expensive external investment managers and moving away from a primarily passive investment style – this positioned us for greater oversight, alignment of interests, and promoted cost efficiency within the companies we are directly invested in.

We strengthened our base, ensuring we have the people, systems, and processes in place to pivot, adapt, and continue delivering sustainable value for our clients, now, and into the future.

With our transformation complete, we are ready to embark on the next leg of the journey – creating sustainable value for our clients in a changing world.
Business Plan
Business Plan

The Public Sector Pension Plans Act requires the Board of Directors to prepare and submit a business plan to the Honourable Minister of Finance on an annual basis. The plan is prepared with the input of the Board, BCI’s management, and clients.

Corporate Annual Report
Corporate Annual Report

Our most recent Corporate Annual Report provides our investment highlights for 2020-21. The Public Sector Pension Plans Act requires the Board of Directors to prepare and submit a corporate annual report and financial statements to the Honourable Minister of Finance.