Back to the Beginning

Long before British Columbia Investment Management Corporation was formed in 1999, we were managing the investments and future retirements for the public sector in British Columbia. Since the eighties, BCI has been investing for the public sector originally working as part of the provincial government. In 2000 with $61.3 billion in assets, we continued as an independently managed corporation operating under the authority of the Public Sector Pension Plans Act.

BCI has a national and international reputation of being a professional, knowledgeable investment management firm. We have a strong commitment to our clients and their long-term financial sustainability. We are proud of this and work hard to maintain our commitment.

BCI was established as an independently managed corporation:

  1. To place the investment agency at arm’s length from government so as to avoid potential conflicts that may develop between government’s policy decisions and the management of public sector trust funds
  2. To increase the ability of BCI’s clients to manage the agency and ensure that the corporation has the necessary resources and flexibility to meet the challenges of global fund management
  3. To provide clients the advantages of a large public sector investment manager (e.g. increased diversification, economies of scale, and a cost-based fee system
  4. To ensure a strong governance framework and proper accountability to BCI’s clients.