Board Committees Overview

Our board is supported by two committees – the Audit Committee , the Human Resources and Governance Committee.

Audit Committee

Our Audit Committee consists of four directors adding depth to BCI’s corporate governance. The members form an efficient working group representing different perspectives and with a variety of backgrounds which benefit the committee in carrying out its functions. The Audit Committee oversees BCI’s audit programs, financial management controls, and financial reporting.

Further details are outlined in the Audit Committee Mandate.

Audit Committee Members:

Human Resources and Governance Committee (HRGC)

Our Human Resources and Governance Committee (HRGC) consists of three directors who assist the board in its role of ensuring we retain a highly effective team and that human resource practices continue to align employee performance with client expectations. The HRGC reviews matters relating to human resource strategies, compensation philosophy, succession management, performance and associated payments under incentive plans, human resource policies and proposed changes of a material nature to terms and conditions of employment, and benefit plans. The HRGC also monitors matters related to board governance.

Further details are outlined in the HRGC Mandate.

HRGC Members: