New Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange Leadership

March 11, 2024

BCI’s public markets team is pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Weitzel to Senior Managing Director of the Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange (FIFE) team. This transition will ensure continuity of our high-level performance and value delivery to our clients.

Chris joined BCI in 2018 to develop and launch BCI’s Funding Program. In 2023, the Funding Program received the highest possible long-term credit ratings from major global agencies [Moody’s (Aaa), S&P (AAA), and DBRS Morningstar (AAA)]. The program also issued its inaugural debt offering which received interest from over 50 global investors. Prior to joining BCI, Chris had more than 25 years of experience in fixed income, foreign exchange, and funding at major global investment banks in Toronto, London, and New York, after several years with the Bank of Canada.

Chris Weitzel takes over the role following the retirement of Chris Beauchemin, who was with BCI for 35 years. Under Chris Beauchemin’s leadership the FIFE team expanded and created new products such as the Corporate Bond Fund, Principal Credit Fund, Funding Desk, and Active FX, which have brought diversification and tremendous value to our clients.

“I sincerely thank Chris Beauchemin for his remarkable 35-year journey with BCI, and his exceptional leadership which has driven the growth and success of our Fixed Income & Foreign Exchange program. As we welcome Chris Weitzel into his new role, we recognize his remarkable contributions to date, and we are excited to see the program and team continue to thrive under his leadership,” said Daniel Garant, Executive Vice President & Global Head, Public Markets.